Bromsgrove International Musicians Competition

2020 Rules

Please note - these are the rules for the 2020 competition and these will be updated for 2021 in due course. 

1. The Competition is open to all instrumentalists, pianists and singers, except for organists, of any nationality who are at least 18, and no older than 25 (28 for singers) on 1st May 2020.

2. Applications can be completed online or submitted by post. Applications must be received no later than 16.00 hours on Sunday, 23rd February 2020. The number of places available in the Competition is limited. Only the most meritorious applications will be considered for admission to the Competition. The BIMC acting through its Selectors may thus have to reject applications even though they meet the requirements stated below.

3. Applicants must have attained an advanced standard at least equivalent to Conservatoire entrance level and sufficient to sustain a career as a professional performer. Applicants' entries must be accompanied by the following:

    - Two short video recordings (no longer in total than 6 minutes in length) in the format set out in the Application Form of them performing two pieces or excerpts from two pieces, of contrasting styles.

    - A recent hi-resolution photograph of themselves suitable for inclusion in the programme.

    - A detailed C.V. of their musical career under the given headings provided in the application form:-
            B. SOLO EXPERIENCE;

    - A formal reference from their instrumental teacher, confirming that their musical standard and solo recital experience are appropriate for entry to the competition under Rule 3. (Your teacher can send this direct to with subject line “Applicant's name – Musical Standard Reference”.)

    - Proof of age – photo/scan of passport, national ID card or driving licence.

4. Applicants are required to submit the programme of music they intend to play in each round of the Competition in which they are selected to play. Each programme must include pieces of contrasting styles and periods. Whilst Competitors are strongly advised not to repeat pieces in subsequent rounds they may nevertheless choose to repeat pieces from one round to the next. The music chosen for performance in the Finalists' Concert should seek to engage and be accessible to a live public audience. All music chosen is subject to approval by the Competitor's Selectors. Your programme for each round must not exceed the following time limits:

     - Preliminary Round: 15 minutes (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)
     - Semi-Final: 20 minutes. (Friday)
     - Final (Finalists’ Concert) 25 minutes. (Saturday evening)

It is imperative for Competitors to keep to these time limits. Competitors may be stopped and/or disqualified if the time limit for the particular round is exceeded.

5. Competitors must bring with them three photocopies of a score, including accompaniment of each piece of music, to be performed during each round of the Competition. Whilst facilities for photocopying are available at Routh Concert Hall, copies must be paid for in advance in cash at a rate of £0.05p per page. The relevant copies must be handed in to the administration desk of Routh Concert Hall for the Adjudicators' use on the day of the Competitor's first performance (not before) and on the day of each subsequent performance. For the avoidance of doubt, it is the Competitor’s personal responsibility to ensure that there is no infringement of copyright in the submission and/or use of any photocopy.

6. The programme of music the competitor has selected to perform in each round of the Competition must be entered on the Application Form. However, Competitors can choose to alter a maximum of one piece per round. If the Competitor is using one of the Official Accompanists any change of music must first be agreed with that Accompanist. The change must then be communicated by email to the Competition Administrator and also in writing to the Competition Administrator and/or her team at the administration desk in the Routh Concert Hall at least 24 hours prior to it being played.

7. Competitors who wish to enter for the Sir John Manduell Prize must indicate on the Application Form which piece of music (maximum 7 minutes duration) from their 15 minute Preliminary Round Programme they wish to nominate as their entry piece. The piece must have been composed (not arranged) since 1970 and may be an entire piece or an excerpt from a longer piece.

8. Competitors are strongly encouraged to bring their own regular accompanist. The Applicant must fill in the accompanist's name and their mobile phone number on the application form.

9. Competitors who wish to have the facility of an official accompanist provided for no charge in the Preliminary Round must indicate that request on the Application Form and also then arrange with their allocated accompanist any rehearsal times. Should the competitor reach the Semi-Final and Final round they must make their own financial arrangement with their allocated accompanist or provide their own.

10. A Bosendorfer grand piano is provided; it will only be available to solo pianists for limited periods for rehearsal at times allocated on application made to the Routh Hall manager after the competitor is in residence. Other pianos will be available in Practice Rooms available to all competitors on a similar basis. A harpsichord at A440 or A415 pitch and an official accompanist can also be made available on request. Competitors must bring any other instrument they wish to perform on. Percussionists should email the Competition Administrator on as to what instruments might be available.

11. Competitors will be advised shortly after the closing date whether they have been accepted and the date and time of their performance in the Preliminary Round. Similarly, shortly after the end of the Preliminary Round, competitors will be informed of those through to the Semi-Final round and likewise for the Final. The playing order of competitors for all the rounds will be determined by the Competition Administrator whose decision shall be final.

12. There is an entry fee for applicants of £75. This should be paid online via the Application Form or, if applying by post, paid directly to the BIMC bank account (Sort Code 30-63-94 and Account Number 30002260) as part of the application process.

In case of difficulty, please contact In exceptional circumstances bank transfers may be made. The fee must be in our bank account within 7 days after the closing date for entries for your application to be considered. The entry fee for the competitor will be refunded if the entry is not accepted, but once the applicant has been notified of acceptance as a competitor it will be non-refundable.

13. Competitors and their accompanists will be accommodated without charge for the duration of the competition mainly in ensuite rooms at Bromsgrove School, providing a request is made in the Application Form. They will also be provided with meals. They may arrive during the day before they are due to play in the first round (see Rules 14 & 15). Once eliminated, competitors will be able to stay until the following morning after their elimination when they will be expected to leave by 10.00 hours, unless they have booked to take part in a professional development session which has not already taken place, or otherwise by agreement with the Competition Administrator.

14. Competitors must arrive between the hours of 11.00 and 20.00 hours and at least 2 hours before their allocated performance time. If they arrive on a competition day, they must notify their arrival at the administration desk in the entrance vestibule of the Routh Concert Hall.

15. Competitors are responsible for their own transport to and from the competition but collection at no charge from Bromsgrove Train Station is available if required. On-site parking is available for competitors who come by car. The Sat Nav postcode to use is B61 7HP. Parking may be used throughout the competitor's stay but is at their own risk.

16. Competitors are solely responsible for the care and security of their instrument(s). They should make sure that any insurance of their instrument is valid throughout the time they take part in the competition and/or during the time they spend on Bromsgrove School’s premises. Neither the BIMC nor Bromsgrove School accept any liability in respect of any damage to any of their property including their instrument whether caused accidentally or negligently whilst it is on Bromsgrove School’s premises.

17. Competitors agree unconditionally that their competition performance(s) may be recorded or broadcast in any media form by the Bromsgrove International Musicians’ Competition for use at the Trustees’ discretion wholly or in part, without payment of any fee to the competitor, to promote the Competition and/or to raise funds to support the Competition. For the avoidance of doubt, copyright in such recordings shall be the intellectual property of The Bromsgrove International Musicians’ Competition.

18. Competitors may purchase a copy of their recorded performance(s) during the Competition. Applications may be made online after the end date of the Competition to Payment of £30.00 GBP per round recording must be received through BIMC bank account sort code 30-63-94; account no. 30002260 before the recording can be downloaded. Please allow 14 days from the date of payment for the download to be available. For the avoidance of doubt such recordings are supplied strictly for the Competitor's personal use only. If required for public performance of any kind - which includes use by the Competitor on their own website - then it is the Competitor's responsibility to contact the PRS.

19. Competitors agree that their email addresses may be passed onto other competitors unless competitors indicate otherwise in their Application Forms.

20. No competitor shall make contact with the media for the duration of the competition.

21. As a matter of custom and rule, no past first prize winner; that is from 2020 the Winner of The Bromsgrove Gold Medal, may enter the Competition in a subsequent year. The winner of the Sir John Manduell Prize may not enter for that Prize again in a subsequent year but may enter the main Competition.

22. The Bromsgrove International Musicians’ Competition reserves the right to amend any of the entrance qualifications and rules stated.


Our 2021 Competition will be held from 6th to 10th April in Routh Concert Hall at Bromsgrove School. The Celebration Concert will take place on the evening of Saturday, 10th April 2021 at 7.00pm.

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